1959 Excursie Massif Central

Geological excursion in the Massif Central, France, 1959

Geologische excursie Frankrijk, 1959

Professor den Tex is standing on the right with his notebook. I am the contrarian, standing with my back to the camera, looking over my shoulder.
Next to me, in uniform, is Mr. Vierkant (meaning “square” in Dutch, so we always called him “Monsieur Carré”) our bus driver. Carré went on many of our Geological excursions and fitted in well with all the students.
I played bridge every night with Pit Pilaar (5th from the left), and with Jan Pieter Engels (“JP”) and Dirk Vogel (standing 8th and 9th from the left). JP and I were both rather gambling players, useless when pairing up together, but fierce opponents when we had a solid level headed partner like Pit or Dirk.
Standing on the far left is Johan Smit, who emigrated to Australia a few years before me, and wrote us enthusiastic letters, encouraging us to come too, which we did.

Uit de Biographical Log of Michael Furstner – Page 71: Biographical Log of Michiel Furstner

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